Can You Put Hot Coffee In A Plastic Cup

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Coffee has become a necessity for most of us in life. It helps us get the energy to do all the tasks effectively without feeling tired or fatigued. We can all agree that this drink has deeply ingrained itself into our day-to-day activities. But we all must be aware of how this cycle can be affected by not having all the resources while drinking or making coffee at home. Hence, making the user miss out on their daily nourishment and feel the lag and headache for the rest of the day. Well, most of the components like sugar and coffee can be borrowed easily. 

We have made a detailed guide on can you put hot coffee in a plastic cup. This will help out the user to answer all of their queries related to this topic. Thus, providing them with a safe and comfortable experience. This article will also provide the user with all the strengths and weaknesses of this substitute comparing it with a coffee flask or mug. 

While most of the materials used to make or serve coffee can be borrowed some of us might have faced an issue. Where we are at a restaurant or our favorite cafe and they are out of serving mugs and hence plastic cups have to be used. This is not an uncommon thing to see in many local cafes as plastic cups are easy to carry and are disposable. Although many users might have different queries while drinking their coffee which has been served in a plastic cup. 

Can You Put Hot Coffee In A Plastic Cup?

Well, the short answer to whether or not a person can pour hot coffee in a plastic cup is yes. A person can put hot coffee in a plastic cup. Although pouring hot coffee in a plastic cup is not highly recommended. As it comes along with its own set of flaws and disadvantages. Thus, making it an unhealthier option as compared to a thermo-flask or coffee mugs made out of ceramics. Hence, should not be used regularly in the long term if the user does not want to risk their health. This will provide the user with good results and will surely deliver them with a relaxing and pleasant experience.

Factors that a person needs to consider before using plastic cups for drinking coffee:

Availability and durability

We all must agree that plastic cups can be easily found and purchased in the market. Most of the local cafes and restaurants tend to sell their coffee and drinks in plastic cups. Not only because they are cheap but also due to their high durability while carrying the goods with ease. We all must agree on the factor that it is far easier to carry a plastic coffee cup to work rather than carrying a huge and heavy mug. 

They can also be disposed of easily and do not cause the user any hassle. They are also light in weight and do not cause the user any kind of stress while carrying and maneuvering them from place to place. Hence, making them easily accessible and easy to move around with.

Although the availability and durability can be seen as an advantage it might also be a big issue when thought about on a global level. As plastic cups are hard to decompose and are toxic when used again and again. As they are easily available it leads to a lot of pollution and a biohazard while looking at this issue on a global level.

 As the plastic cups are very cheap and light in weight. It also implies that good quality materials have not been used while constructing them. Thus, making them unsafe to use regularly. As they are very lightweight and are constructed with bad quality materials it makes the plastic cup highly heat absorbent. Thus, making them a bit hard to carry as they tend to get very hot while carrying hot drinks inside them. Hence, leading to an uncomfortable and unpleasant experience if the user is not ready for such results.

Heat conservation

Well, another downside of using plastic cups is that they are not good at conserving heat. Thus, resulting in a cold coffee only after a few minutes. This is all due to the construction of plastic cups that are highly ineffective at keeping the drink inside the plastic cup hot. A plastic cup is constructed out of cheap materials and consists of thinner rimmed walls that hold the coffee inside.

 These walls are highly heated absorbent and let the heat pass through with ease. Thus, not being able to conserve the heat of the coffee. Most of the heat is also dispensed through the cup to the hand of the person. Thus, resulting in heat loss and making the coffee warm. This also makes it unsafe to touch a hot plastic cup as it might cause the user to burn their hands while suddenly touching or holding the plastic cups.

can you put hot coffee in a plastic cup

This problem will not be an issue if the user likes to drink cold coffee and thus will not result in a kind of heat loss. Although the ice inside the cup might get melted due to the porous and thin walls of the plastic cups. It is also highly effective for the users who will consume their coffee just after pouring it inside the cup. 

As there will be no loss in heat in such a small amount of time. And talking about the user’s safety they could hold the cup using tissue paper to avoid the hot coffee from burning their hands. Hence, resolving the issue and providing the user with effective results.

Toxicity of plastic cups

A plastic cup as we all must be aware of is highly toxic. This is due to the cheap materials used while constructing its body. Even though plastic cups are highly durable and can last the user about 30 uses before contaminating a user’s drink with harmful toxins. It is safe to assume that it will surely have some bad effect on the user’s body. Most of the plastic cups made for drinks are meant to be microwaveable and can absorb heat to make a drink hot.

 Although doing this increases the chances of the user decontaminating their drinks of harmful toxins and chemicals. In these cases, the standard 30 uses will not imply as the heat will infuse the drink with the polyester and make the coffee unsafe to drink. Hence, risking the health of the user and providing them with a problematic situation.

Studies have shown that when hot coffee is poured inside a normal plastic cup it releases 55 times more toxic chemicals inside the drink. This is due to the degradation of the inner walls of the plastic cup. The user must ensure that the plastic cup they are using is BPA free thus has no polyester that will dissolve into their hot coffee. Hence, assuring them with a safe experience. 

Even though these cups will not cause a great threat to the user they still have subsequent damage while using them continuously over time. To resolve the issue the user must avoid using plastic cups for hot drinks and rather use a coffee ceramic mug or thermo-flasks. If the user does not have these resources a paper cup is also another safer option. As it will not release any toxins and is environment friendly. Hence, providing the user with a comfortable and safe experience.

Microwave Ability of plastics

Most of the cheap plastic cups are not microwaveable as they are not heat resistant and are incapable of conserving heat inside the cup. Thus, this results in them melting when put through extreme and harsh temperatures. A very cheap quality plastic cup might also deform if very hot coffee is poured inside it. This will result in a very stressful situation as it might damage or hurt the user while pouring the coffee inside their cup. Even if the plastic cup is microwavable it is not highly recommended.

As it will have subsequent damage on the user’s body. This is due to the factor that plastic cups release harmful chemicals and toxins when they contain any hot liquid inside them. This occurs due to the inner polyester layer deteriorating and mixing with the beverage. Hence, resulting in an unsafe experience. A thermo-plastic container can be used in case of an emergency. As it is microwavable and will provide the user with effective results. Most of the plastic containers give the user information on whether or not they are safe to microwave. Hence, will provide the user with a safe and hassle-free experience.


We have done all the work and provided the users with all the information on whether or not they can pour hot coffee inside a plastic cup. This article will provide the user with all the necessary details and ensure the user a safe and pleasant experience. This article also contains the various drawbacks of using plastic cups for consuming hot coffee. Hence, making the user aware of all these factors and providing them with a comfortable and pleasant experience.

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